The CO2 law after 2024

(c) Alex Tiefenbacher, Das Lamm

Online talk and discussion – Wednesday, 6 September 2023 from 12-1 PM, Zoom

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The time has come in autumn: a new revision proposal for the CO2 Act will go into public discourse. Finally, the Swiss Council of States will deal with the proposal. CO2 tax, compensation certificates, emissions trading – the instruments of the CO2 law are so diverse that it is easy to lose track. Journalists should, of course, not lose track, because the climate crisis is the greatest challenge facing humanity.

On 6 September, climate journalist Alex Tiefenbacher will give an overview of the CO2 Act and point out what journalists should pay special attention to in the upcoming public discourse. There will be time for your questions.

Alex has been researching and writing about the CO2 law and other climate policies for years, currently for the online magazine Das Lamm. She has received several international awards for her work. For example, she was honoured with the Peter Hans Hofschneider Recherchepreis for her series “Das CO2-Gesetz in 8 Folgen” published in the spring of 2021. Alex is also a co-founder of our network.

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