How constructive journalism can help tell more engaging climate stories

Online talk and discussion – Tuesday, 24 October 2023 from 12-1 PM CET, Zoom

Coast-to-coast Canadian wildfires, deadly floods in Libya, and scorching heat waves across the northern hemisphere – climate change delivers an endless cycle of bad news. This leaves the audience and us journalists alike hopeless.

There is another way to tell climate stories: through constructive journalism. It embraces solutions, nuance and dialogue. Studies show that stories are more likely to work if they are more constructive and richer in perspective.

On Tuesday, 24 October, Lisa Urlbauer from the Bonn Institute will tell us about the basics of constructive journalism and how to tell more engaging climate stories. The Bonn Institute was founded in Bonn, Germany in 2022 to promote constructive journalism by organising training, debates and research projects.

We’ll meet on Zoom from 12-1 pm CET and there will be time for your questions. Katharina Wecker, a freelance journalist and founding member of our network, will moderate the discussion.

To take part in our lunchtime talk, please sign up for our newsletter; we will send out the Zoom link on the morning of the 24th. Our meetings are for professional journalists and journalism students only.